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Moms of All ages, including Expectant Moms & Grandmas


Nominated by "Foreward" Book of the Year.

For Moms of All Ages...Everywhere!

Mothers today find themselves facing a conundrum when answering the question: What do I really want now that I'm a Mom? The choices of pursuing career ambitions and creating a happy family life abound. How do we choose the right options for each of us?

MommyBest's unique format of: Lesson + Story + Reader Reflection Page = Winning Recipe for ALL MOMS to discover their unique path, one that ultimately reflects their passions at any given moment of their lives.

Whether you're pregnant, a new mom or have grown children, let MommyBest guide you to start celebrating and sharing your family's journey. MommyBest book is a keepsake your children will treasure and pass on for generations to come.

Here's what some moms
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about MommyBest:

MommyBest is a combination of some pragmatics like those found in What to Expect When You're Expecting along with the heartfelt sentiments found in the "Chicken Soup" series.

Twin Sister Deborah
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What are the kids
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A fun book that is personally touching. I thank my Mom for many amazing years together so far. She has made me a better person.

Derek, 12 - Self-proclaimed, "famous, young journalist."
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Published by: Words By Sweetness Publishing House

As detailed in the Preface of MommyBest, it is my intention to donate a percentage of the profits to organizations/charities devoted to helping families in need