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Moms of All ages, including Expectant Moms & Grandmas



"MommyBest is a refreshing read: honest and humorous for the mommy and (non)mommy alike (I'm a Doggie Mommy trying to do her best!). Still it has really helped me to understand all the love and devotion my family and friends who are moms have for their children. And, as an Aunt I have those feelings too for all the kids I am blessed to know. The Reflection Pages are a welcome chance to reflect on your own life experiences and put them on paper-very therapeutic!! In these days of everyday bad news, it is wonderful to keep the focus on the Celebration of Life, Family and Friends!!"

Marguerite Zisa
Corporate Travel Professional


"As an older mother of five, I could have used this book as an aid in raising my kids. I was in a similar position of starting out from scratch. It was all trial and error: but we got through it without Dr. Spock. A lot of memories were brought back as to how we handled the everyday problems�and JOYS of rearing children. I especially related to having kids with opposite personalities and trying to help them find their way. I absolutely loved reading this and jotting down my own experiences right on the Reflection Pages, instead of having to use a notebook or journal. Everything is in one place for my very own keepsake.

Lynn Shawe


This book really is a labor of love from the insightful lessons to the beautifully told mommy memoirs. Forget those desperate housewives. MommyBest is all about empowering women and achieving dreams!

Gloria D. from Yorktown, NY


When I finally made time to read it (MommyBest), I did not stop until the end. It was such an easy read that anyone who starts to read it, will not want to stop. It is the type of book that you will read many times over. I think the book should be read by teenagers in their child development courses in high school and those who want to be day care workers in college. It will make them think twice about stereotyping parents and children. I was hoping at the end that the boys (Derek & Dylan) were already 13 so that I could read the next book.

Louise Natoli, Educational Advocate/Supervisor Upstate, New York


Brilliant, powerful, moving & truly inspiring.Everyone should have a mom like yours & a "Margi" as well.I hope the reader has the same powerful experience I had while reading it. I finished it in one night.I shed tears for the love, laughter & heartache along the way of being a mom.A perfect testament of a powerful bond between a mother & her sons.

Tina Moundroukas Mother of 2 boys also


MommyBest was such a joy for me to read. I am Mommy of four little ones. My oldest son is five and half, my twin boys are four, and my baby boy is six months young. As this author would put it – mine are also very spirited children.

MommyBest was my early nursing companion with my youngest. My Baby felt good when I was reading while feeding him, because the read was truly inspirational and often made me feel sort of “fuzzy” warm. I feel that Baby can sense that. I, too, have only boys and I, too, have quite experience with the twins, hence the lessons read were close to my heart. What a pleasant read! I finished the book in two days (remember I do not have much time to do anything being Mom of four!), and still keep it on my night table. I loaned MommyBest to my good friend and just placed order for three more copies. I highly recommend this love and fun filled book to any woman out there. Thank you, Donna.

Looking forward to more MommyBest Inspirational Lessons.
Glen Rock, NJ


Published by: Words By Sweetness Publishing House

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As detailed in the Preface of MommyBest, it is my intention to donate a percentage of the profits to organizations/charities devoted to helping families in need