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Moms of All ages, including Expectant Moms & Grandmas

About the Book

The "Birth" of MommyBest:

MommyBest was “conceived” after our first son was born. No one can ever fully explain the intense love and complex range of emotions you will feel when you give birth to or meet (as in adoption) your child for the very first time. In our case we faced an immediate challenge with the health of our son, which helped my husband and I realize the enormity of the love we already felt the instant we met Derek. We prayed for his recovery as he was taken to the "Special Care Nursery." After several weeks - which seemed like years in passing - Derek miraculously healed;

To that end, publishing MommyBest has been a labor of love. Once I became a Mom, I found a barrage of instructional, “how-to” parenting material to read which overwhelmed me. MommyBest is a quick, spirited read, Cliffs Notes, if you will, weaving together some motherhood pragmatics with poignant, empowering memoirs. My lessons can be read in any order you choose as each one deals with a different motherhood experience. Most of all, I invite all readers to sow the seeds of their own family memoir using the “REFLECTION” Pages after each memoir. These reflections can be responses to my experiences, notes about your own situations or simple recordings of household happenings, however specific or general in nature they are.

How will MommyBest speak to you?

Since I’ve become a mom, I’ve met countless other mothers who have confided they too have struggled with the complex range of emotions and situations women often face. I even provided some of these moms with a copy of one of my stories--whichever anecdote was relevant-- to read. Much to my surprise and delight, those moms graciously confessed they felt as if I was writing about “their” lives and were happy someone was coming “out of the kitchen” to validate the vital—and yet often undervalued—accomplishment of moms.

Published by: Words By Sweetness Publishing House

As detailed in the Preface of MommyBest, it is my intention to donate a percentage of the profits to organizations/charities devoted to helping families in need