Academic/Professional Background:

  • B.A. in Communications; M.S. in Education
  • Former Advertising Executive and Elementary School Teacher
  • Author, Freelance Writer

Greatest Accomplishment: Raising "my two boys, my two joys."


My Roots (not the ones in my hair)

Before moving to the suburbs during my teen years, I was born and raised in the Bronx, NY, where everyone, including my two brothers and two sisters, played on the "block," whether it was jump rope, jacs or street games. Often my twin sister, Deborah, and I had a front row seat--on our emerald green, enameled swing--where we'd sit for hours rocking back and forth watching the boys play wiffle ball.

Like many little girls, I had big dreams of fame and fortune--not to mention traveling around the world. As I grew, I recognized there were tons of career opportunities, options that I was afforded, in part, due to the wonderful efforts of the Women's Movement.

I support the progress we've made towards equality, while I've come to ultimately understand the true independence of a woman comes from making the choices that reflect her inner longings for success. It was such a surprise for me to ultimately journey into motherhood and discover many of the joys in my life would be found in my own backyard. MommyBest is my way of documenting and sharing the lessons/stories I've experienced on my journey while inviting all of you to connect with your own travels.

How can MommyBest Impact Your Life?

It is my intent that MommyBest... will leave an imprint on the reader's mind so she will reflect/assess/adjust her own choices and the consequence of each in helping to create a happy and balanced life; to encourage women to surround themselves with a network of people who will support the difficult decisions we make; to cherish becoming a mother and choose the family/career life that each of us so desire; and finally--and possibly the most significant--is to help create a universal paradigm shift of our cultural view of women so our society, in its entirety, pays homage to all mothers for their daily contributions and sacrifices on behalf of their children's and family's well being. Motherhood, at the very least, should be recognized and receive the venerable status CEO's and other so-called "leaders" at the helm enjoy--and they don't have to "do diapers." What else is nobler than devoting oneself to nurturing and developing children's lives and the future of our world?


Books will include:

  1. MommyBest…but Daddy’s Better. Book 2, from 5 through “tweens” to teens.
    Derek and Dylan's Mom learns more life lessons and shares mommy memoirs as her spirited boys grow from toddlers to teens. Readers will, of course, have an opportunity to share their unique responses in the "Reader Reflection" pages.

  2. Dylan's Days
    This is a children's book for parents to read along. Dylan, using his voice of wisdom, narrates the story as he describes a "typical day" in the life of a toddler. Dylan is an active, precocious little boy who teaches his mom what's really important in life.

  3. How to Win When You're a Sibling or a Twin!
    This is a story for teachers, children, and parents, to read about celebrating every person's uniqueness. In particular, families with twins or other multiples often experience unique scenarios. Thankfully, today there are organizations and support groups to help understand the joys and challenges twins and other multiples face. Unfortunately, much of society doesn't understand how difficult it is living as a sibling in a family with multiples. How to Win When You're a Sibling or a Twin shares the heartfelt story of a young girl and her relationship with her twin sisters and parents as she tries to get recognition at home and in school.

Published by: Words By Sweetness Publishing House

As detailed in the Preface of MommyBest, it is my intention to donate a percentage of the profits to organizations/charities devoted to helping families in need