Foreward, by Kevin Black (Dad):

In recent years it has been customary to have a famous person write the "Foreward" for a book. I don't happen to fit that mold, however, I like to think I am least in my own house!...My hope when you read these lessons is that you take a moment to just sit back and enjoy what you have, to hopefully learn something about yourself and your children...


I must honor and thank God for his encouragement, devotion and unwavering love throughout my journey in Life! Additionally, as a mom with two sons, I must also express my gratitude to Mary, the Mother of God, who I often seek guidance from. Mary, according to my beliefs, displayed to the world the incomprehensible and absolute strength of a mother's unconditional love with the ultimate sacrifice she made.

Some Excerpts from MommyBest

The Birth of a Mother

Although I had taken a different road than the one my mother followed toward motherhood, I realized we both arrived at our destination on time-the time that was right for each of us. We are two women, similiar in some ways and different in others, somewhat products of the eras we grew-up in, somewhat products of our unique personas.....I begin this journey with a deep love, gratitude and respect for one who has traveled through the precarious terrain and rough waters of motherhood before me, my own mother. I understand her sacrifice and love-and now perceive her as a woman of greatness for all she has done for her children.

Playing House Can Be Fun if You're the CEO!

As a new mom, recognize you are now promoted to C.E.O. of your now have a baby on "The Board," so your "business plan" for the greatest investment in your life is a modified version, drastically different than what you imagined...No one can ever fully explain in words the intense love and complex range of emotions you will feel when you give birth to or meet (as in adoption) your child for the very first time.

Number Two Should Fit like a Shoe!

When I became pregnant with my second child, I wanted, in so many ways, to make it as special as it was with my first. It took me a while to first recognize and then admit, although it could be just as special in its own way, it was impossible to be just like my snowflakes, no two pregnancies are the same, but each is unique and beautiful in its own way...

"Play-dates" for Playmates...Whatever Happened to Making Mud Pies?

I fooled some people I too was a "supermom." I even remember one mom...calling me after finding a "Baby Gap" jacket at her house. "I thought it was yours," she inquired, adding, "but once I saw a stain on the jacket, I knew it wasn't as your children are always so immaculately dressed."...It took me time to find a balance in my home...including letting my kids wear their clean but stained clothes when we met friends to play.

Identical Twins

I could understand strangers, relatives and even friends confusing the two of us. But, when my own mother mistook me for my identical twin sister and smacked my bottom for decorating the kitchen with cornflakes, I knew, as young as I was, it would be a struggle to be an "I" instead of a "We" for the rest of my life...I know being the twin that I am, I should think twice before giving any parenting advice, but, I believe, parents--including those of twins--would benefit by gathering as much information and guidance about the challenges most twins and their siblings are confronted by. And who better to share this unique insight than a Twin herself!

My Friend, "Aunt Margi"--"Wild" & "Crazy" to "Thursday Night Shoppers"

When we (my twin and I) first met Margi, we had no idea of the impact she would have on our lives, nor did we understand what we perceived as ordinary childhood experiences would, over time, transform into extraordinary, lifelong memories we could build upon as our friendship evolved...It's vital for women to nurture those close childhood friendships... if they do, they'll have someone in their lives who has a shared history... someone who knows them, first as a child, then as a woman--before ever knowing them as a MOM!

My Boys, My Joys: A Tale of Opposites

I feel like the rope in a game of tug-of-war as each of my sons drag me in opposite directions, pulling at my heartstrings as well...My husband and I often joke our kids remind us of Jack Klugman and Tony Randall in the show the "Odd Couple." We too wonder if our pair can live together without driving each other (and their parents) "crazy."

Moms Have to Get in the Game Too!

When my obstetrician secretly told me (my husband wanted to be suprised) I was having a baby boy, I was shocked! I vividly recall sharing the news with a colleque who already had a grown son. As a self-proclaimed, "girly-girl," I questioned her, "What will I ever do with a boy?" She immediately responded, "You will love him, that's what you'll do."

BOY, was she right...I learned how much I adore watching my... twosome gleefully conquer the ball...Remember, whether you were a sports enthusiast or not before having will become your child's number one fan...Your child will look for you in the stands. Whether he/she waves to you, shyly smiles or pretends you're not there, he/she will...remember your presence for the rest of his/her life.

Read MommyBest... in it's entirety to connect with the lessons and stories of motherhood. Take this opportunity to reflect on your own journey!

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